Saturday, May 05, 2012


Sometimes it pays to know the right people. Haha, I'm funny.

Can someone please pass the salt? Haha, I'm funny again.

I was driving down the street today and I passed a lifted Toyota with a big SIMMS sticker next to a G LOOMIS decal on the back glass. The girl driving it was at least an 8. I slowed down to take a better look.

She was way past cute. We pulled up to a red light and she must have felt my piercing stare because she looked over. I leaned out the window with my best smile.

"Do you fly fish?"

"What?" She asked, returning a smile that melted me a little.

"The stickers on your truck." I motioned behind her.

She turned to look where I was pointing at the rear window. The move pulled the shoulder belt tight across her chest and I couldn't help but smile a little bigger and be glad that the lenses of my sunglasses were adequately opaque.

"Oh, haha," she laughed and turned back in her seat. "No I don't fish, this is my husbands truck."

I can't be certain, but I am pretty sure she heard me mumble goddammit under my breath as I rolled the window up.

-Alex who just wants to say good job to the guy with the white lifted Toyota and if you have read this and don't want to punch me in the face lets go fishing. Bring your wife. Haha, I'm funny, again again.


  1. This made me laugh.Better luck next time.


  2. A single girl fly fishing enthusiast in Arizona? That's a tall order, you just better wish for a girl who doesn't care you are gone sixty days a year.

  3. Maybe she swings*.

    (*See, Raising Arizona)


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