Sunday, August 03, 2008

White Mountains Summer 08

I keep telling myself that I need to carry a god damn notebook with my when I am on fishing trips. Every time I know that I am going to have to do some kinda write-up, and I never write anything down so I always fucking forget everything. So I am probably not going to write too much, but I remembered a trick from middle school and made the font bigger to make it look like more. Remember that?

The trip kicked ass though. The fishing was great and the weather was great.... actually it was pretty spectacular when compared with the weather in Tucson in the summer.

Above, below and to the left are examples of Apache trout that were caught at Christmas Tree Lake. This is a trophy lake stocked with brute trout. It costs $25 a day, with a maximum of 20 people per day, and its worth every cent. The trout below is 2 inches and less than half a pound from the world record, coming in at 22in and 5.5lbs. Which is basically the same as the Arizona state record, since they are really only in Arizona. Still.... pretty sweet fish.

For me the Christmas tree king was a leach Aaron tied, which also caught the big fish. The leach can be seen below. He made a couple colors, and even one with some of my beard hairs in it. The fly was going to be named "Bigfoots Dick", but in the name of decency, was changed to "BUB: big ugly bugger." I don't care what you call it, it was the fly of the trip for sure. Personally, I like the former name.

Aw, crap..... what else? Lets see...

Aaron had a leak in his waders causing numerous cases of 'wet butt', which is always funny. Face farts are funny too, but apparently not to my father, who pointed out that he "was not laughing" when I was helping him untangle a fly line from the roof of his truck and 'accidentally' farted in his face. I laugh now just thinking of it.

Jagermeister is not funny either. But it does kick ass. Especially when you and one other person drink a whole bottle. But remember kids, drinking ant boating don't mix. Unless you are fishing, then bring on the booze. The FGFF guys say, "if fishing sucks, at least you can always catch a buzz." But we kick ass and always catch fish too.

I was there for 2 weeks, and a bunch of shit happened during that time, but its late, and this is all you are going to get for now.

Do you like the shameless plug to the right? Dry Creek outfitters kicks ass, by the way. Go there and spend money. It will make you a better fisherman and a better person. Not to mention better looking.