Monday, August 31, 2009

R.I.P. Ricky

I got a phone call yesterday and Josh told me that Ricky was had died in a car accident on the freeway early that morning. I asked him if he knew what happened, and he said he didn't but would call me back if he heard anything. The connection clicked off and I was left standing in Mike's living room in silence staring out the window at the mountains and clouds and cactus.

The realization of loss is not immediate, but like grains of sand in an hour glass it slowly builds until its weight is crushing and it pulls you down making even the simplest of life's actions seem impossible.

Cliché expressions such as "it couldn't have happened to a better person" never held any water to me but now I understand and believe it true. The sun rose yesterday as any other day, but the world was a little less bright and one more family was morning the loss of a child. It happens every day, but yesterday it was my friend.

In life Ricky was the type of person you were always glad to see. He was quick with a smile and a laugh and would keep us doubled over in hysterics with impersonations and silly voices from the pale couch in our band's practice room.

I know him best as a musician, standing in front of his amp with his guitar slung low in the shadow of the red and green stage lights pounding power chords and strumming melodies with a quiet confidence.

I am sure wherever he is now, he is kicking ass and rockin' out with a smile on his face, hoping that his friends back in the world don't stay bummed out for too long, but it's tough dude. You will be missed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Look what I can do!

I can use my Gloomis 4 weight to catch a 10 lb. Bow!!!!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fat Guys, fishbeer and some yeast poop in CO

I knew it would happen sooner or later, and that it would be sweet. I have always praised the combination and understood that there is a love-love relationship between being outdoors and enjoying a few oat sodas, but I think few men have taken it to the level of Matt Dunn, the mastermind behind, who just happened to occupy the same space and time with a few fat guys last weekend, (including Michael Gracie, the self-proclaimed 3/4 fat guy).

The atmosphere was light, and the 20oz draughts were cold at Govnr's Park as the conversation fluttered around fishing, midgets (as it will often do in the presence of Kyle) and beer. Matt spoke about the class that he taught in Indiana The Art and Science of Beer: History, Technology, and Culture and the disappointment of frat boys who realize too late that "beer bong dynamics" is not covered in the course. He enlightened us uneducated beer-drinkers that in the past men, women and children alike drank beer daily, and I have learned by perusing one of his online power-point lectures that the first recorded recipe is for brewing beer. Awesome.

It does not take long to understand that Matt knows a lot about beer and has a great passion about the subject - and I don't mean like your buddy who brewed it once in his kitchen and feels smart in front of the ladies when talking about things like "mouthfeel," "palate," and "nose." Matt is a pro, and was more than happy to do a little R&D with some new friends in Denver.

After a few rounds, some tasty drinks and food the afternoon came to an end, and we had to depart. Matt will be running around Colorado for a few more weeks, and I believe he has plans to camp and do some hot-nighttime-mouse-on-river action with Gracie tomorrow. Keep an eye out on Gracie's site for that post, as I threw him some hot tips for night photography that I hope will pay off with some full-moon eye candy.

Matt, it was a pleasure, and you are welcome down here is AZ anytime. The fishing may not be as good as CO, but the drinking is first-rate.

-Alex who should stay behind the camera.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Aaron says "Sometimes you have to punish yourself"

Apparently it rained while I was gone, and Aaron found some upside down fish.

Monday, August 24, 2009

In order to fall off the wagon, you have to get on it first.

I bitched, whined and complained. I kicked my feet and threw my fists and screamed till I could not scream any more but it happened anyway. The Carp Slam was over, my plane was departing, and I had to leave Colorado. I brought with me 994 images, a back ache, and a greater understanding of life. If you did not have the pleasure, I will give you a hint:



Thursday, August 20, 2009

Another another preview of things to come...

Enough never is, and if I die under a smothering pile of too much I will die a happy man. This weekend I will be back in CO covering the Carp Slam, doing my damnedest to bring you the real story--the dirty brown filth that will inevitably have to be foul-hooked and dragged backwards and upside-down till close enough to be beaten into submission.

I know a large fish will sooner break a man than be turned into a trophy, and with cash and prizes and fame on the line, I cannot imagine and am excited to be able to witness first hand the last acts of these soon-to-be desperate men.

May carp have mercy on your souls.

-Alex who knows that this weekend, in some form of another, asses will get kicked on the Platte.

Thursday, August 06, 2009

I think they ate the lead in Leadville

So i took a couple days off to go up to Leadville, and I haven't been there in 2 years. Really there is not much to say about the place, its very small, most people are nice, the food is good, and being at 10,200 feet, you get drunk really fast.
The whole plan was to just fish the shit out of the Arkansas River, well I didn't do too much on the river. I did however fish Crystal Lake a bit.

I was at a bar called Silver Dollar Saloon, and met 2 very nice people, Micheal and Holly, Micheal runs a fishing show up in Canada where he eats french fries and mayonnaise.

I was running around the town and ran into some guy who looks as if he hasn't showered in months, gross. He then showed me this pub called Bobbies or some shit like that. I will say the bartender was a good looking girl as all the female bartenders in Leadville. After that I don't remember much, I was hammered.

Ahhhh On to day 2.
So I wake in my shitty hotel room with a hangover that could put a bear to rest. I head over to the Golden Burrow, great place for food I must say, and order a fucking huge omelet with chorizo and cheddar. I know at this point I am not leaving Leadville this day. And trust me that was a good thing.

So off I go trying to kill the hangover I have and holding the omelet in my belly. I fish a bit on the Arkansas and say fuck it I cant deal with being hungover and paying attention to fishing. There for I hit up Crystal lake, where anyone can catch a fish, even Jake Beggy!
And what do I see when I arrive at Crystal lake?!?!?!? I see a girl with a little dog, a fantastic back tribal tattoo, fishing rods, and my opportunity to make a friend in Leadville, yet to find out she lives in Pueblo (bonus). She says her name is Tanya. Her and I start talking about random things, as I pet her dogs back to make her back legs spaz out! I could see that we could become friends quick. Here is the thing, She loves fishing, drinks whiskey, drinks beer, pays attention to baseball, listens to metal, and kicks the shit outta me at pool. Oh did i mention she is gorgeous? Yes, the perfect woman, except for the fact she has never fly fished, but that will change soon, I am going to take her.

The clouds roll in and the storm is brewing, we quickly pack it up and head for our hotels to get cleaned up and ready for dinner and drinks. When I pick her up from her hotel, she is wearing her business suit, DAMN! This girl looks even more so amazing now! I take her to the Golden Burrow, then to Bobbies for drinks. When you walk into Bobbies you see a PBR sign and above that Bail Bonds, weird.
Some drunk fucks are beating the shit outta each other, another drunk asshole is dancing like a retard, and the toothless guy who does not shower is HAMMERED!!!!! Tanya is knocking the shit outta me at pool, she is good I stand no chance. I am having Jim Beam on the rocks and she is drinking whiskey cokes, damn sexy. As she shoots and makes amazing shots, the guys in the bar are can not take their eyes off her. Her wallet gets nicked, but they only take the cash and leave everything else behind, Good and bad. We are done there so we hit up the Silver Dollar, learned much about Leadville there. The bartender took us into the ladies restroom, I have never seen so many photos of naked guys before, and nor do I ever want to again. Yanya and the bartender are hitting it up well, its easy to make friends in Leadville.

Our drinking is done I take her back to her hotel, and she made my visit to Leadville most eventful.

I am back at my hotel bored so I decide to go out drinking again. I go back to Bobbies and when I
walk in Guttermouth was playing on the stereo! Grand time. Some kid decides he wants to fight me. Bad idea, he is a bit taller than I but only about 140lbs. He hits me (dumb ass), so I knock him down with one punch splitting his lip. When you are a skinny guy dont pick a fight with a large Irish fella like myself, especialy when I told him I like to fight and I am damn good at it. So I pick him up and buy him a beer. I am a good Irish man.

Day 3
I pack up my things and make the 3 hour journey back to Deckers.

All in all a great trip can't wait to get back out there again. As you see it was not so much about fishing as it was drinking on this trip to the unknown. But i will say as shitty as it has been in Colorado for me, this was the best time I have had since i have lived here.

-Kyle, who knows Alex hates the caps lock key on a keyboard, thats funny.

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

In the summertime

In the summertime the sun pushes on your face. Any expression quickly drips off your chin and away down the front of your shirt and by midday everyone wears a constant uuugh as their head lolls back and forth, eyes meandering behind half closed lids.

I watched the top half of a run-over cyclist crawl off the road screaming because the asphalt was melting his flesh.

I watched a flock of birds burst into flames and rain bubbly feathery char in a Wal-Mart parking lot.

I watched trees melt and air boil and glass drip from window frames and car doors.

I watched a lit match commit suicide because it couldn't take the heat.

Today, I walked around a lake, but didn't fish.

Today it was hot.

-Alex who thinks that 90° at 1:17am is stupid.

Monday, August 03, 2009

Not this weekend, but the next.

If you are in the Tucson area, take note. Drinks will be had and booty will be plundered.

Sunday, August 02, 2009

The white crayon was always useless.....

Those peeps over at The Fiberglass Manifesto and red dirt studio bring us a great new site dedicated to bringing the love and lessons of the outdoors and fly fishing to the younger generation.
"Fishy Kid was inspired by two fathers who enjoy the sport of fly fishing and want to do our part in passing along the virtues of the outdoors to our children as well as to families within the online angling community."
The first contest involves a coloring book which you can download here. It is a well known fact that grown men with crayons are not to be trusted, so this one is for the kiddies, folks. But don't fret all you old creepy guys, they tell me there will be an adult coloring contest in the future.

So bust out the crayolas and lick your colored pencils because it's on!

-Alex who thinks coloring within the lines is for conformists.