Sunday, May 20, 2012

The Arrival Back Home

Leaving the White Mountains, I already miss the pine trees, the lake, the guys, but not the dust.
Aaron and I pack everything up after the killer breakfast, A bit overwhelmed it went quick. Stopping by the Indian casino to fill up on gas, we decide the windshield looks like shit and needs a bit of cleaning at the Spray and Wash in Pinetop AZ.

 The beginning of the drive was nice, warm but not hot, the pine trees  still in sight, old people driving like shit everywhere. knowing soon we would be out of the oasis, we seem to be in, and be back in the desert, we take it slow with little talk to enjoy what we do not see everyday.

  Before we know it the the land scape turns back to shit, and the heat starts to beat down on our sunburns. We are unable to drive fast enough to get home, without getting a speeding ticket. Traveling threw the Salt River Canyon slow RV's going way to slow, and dumbasses in motorcycles gearing up way too close. A quick stop in Globe to wash our hands and arms, or as I call it a "French Shower", to our suprise the restroom was clean. Yet the town and the people were still ugly and gross.

 The stretch home, nothing but dirt Cactus and a dead skunk. Seriously it was 100 miles of pure "God Took a Dump on this Place" scenery.

 We arrive at my house, I let Aaron get his shit out of my car and load his Jeep. I rush inside to see my Fiancee, smelling as if I was a dead otter. Aaron leaves and Jamie goes to work. I start the washing machine, load cloths smelling of mildew and some odd animal urine, But before it starts, I have to take off the cloths I am wearing.......  it was gross but when I remove the boxers I have been wearing for the last four days, the smell of Fromunda Cheese makes me a bit uneasy. So a quick rush to the shower. A total of fives days  in the dust and grime, the fish slime and food dripping from what I ate, and the sweat from success,  the water from the shower quickly runs down the drain with a sewage tint.

 I am now clean. My nose is red and hurts. I want to sleep. I have to be at work at 1A.M.

 I am going to bed

Kyle- Alex has the photos and is a much better writer than I, He will most likely put the Wrinkleneck 23 fill up here

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