Thursday, May 24, 2012


I don't really drink too much anymore.
I do not care to drink alone, I used to go out to the bar all the time.
One day I just pulled up to the bar just around the corner from my house, walked in to the bar and grabbed my wallet. Suddenly I found myself placing the wallet back into my pocket just as the bartender said, "Hi Kyle, a big Bud Light for you?"

  "No." I said, as I turned and headed out the door.

I could not figure out why I did that, until I heard this song;

Now everything makes sense. I found out why I do not drink like I used to.


  1. That song just gives more reasons to drink more.

  2. bars raised us man, you can't cut them off completely. You just have to tone out the morons, which are 70-94% of them. That number may be inflated now that I am behind the bar and not in front of it so often.

  3. The bar may have raised me, but I do not want my liver looking and working like my 92 year old grandfather. there are more reasons to slow on the drinking than the dumbasses at the bar


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