Thursday, May 31, 2012

Q and Alex

Q: I know you have been a busy little boy lately, but are you ever going to get off your lame ass and write some shit on this gawd damn blog? You need to get on that.

Alex: You can stuff your head up a camel twat. Don't tell me what to do, you prick. But yes, eventually I will gather up the necessary motivation to tell the people about the recent goings-on, the Wrinkleneck tournament outcome, and a few other things of interest.

Q: You know that people have little patience these days. You let that stuff get stale and people will drop you faster than a dollar bill covered in dog crap. I know there is something that you could put up, just a little nonsense to keep the page fresh?

Alex: Yeah, I will think of something. Maybe.

Q: Whats this rumor I have heard about you boys signing contracts with some production company in California?

Alex: I can't talk about that. Find whoever told you that and uppercut them in the gooch.

Q: What is a gooch?

Alex: The perineum.

Q: Perineum?

Alex: Yeah, the taint.

Q: What the hell are you talking about?

Alex: It is the area between the balls and the b-hole.

Q: What? Why would I want to punch someone there?

Alex: Well, it was suppose to be funny, but you ruined it.

Q: What if it was a chick?

Alex: They have it too, but it is a little smaller so you have to have better aim, but you wouldn't have the ballsack to contend with, so I think someone with your lack of coordination could manage it.

Q: Are you always this strange?

Alex: Probably.

Q: Well, anyways, back to the blog. What is your next move?

Alex: Well, I will probably start working on the Wrinkleneck write-up, like I said. It probably won't be as epic as the last one, but who knows.

Q: Sooner than later, I hope.

Alex: Shuddup.

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  1. Anonymous6:18 AM

    Q: I just punched myself in the gooch - didn't hurt at all. Is your gooch just extra sensitive and you are trying to convey your own gooch weakness onto everyone else to compensate for your gooch inadequacies?

    Alex: Ever heard of the FGFF Gooch Guard? Obviously not. Next question, you bleeping moron.


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