Monday, August 30, 2010

Stuff I am late posting from around the blog-o-sphere that you have probably seen elsewhere but I feel the need to post anyways with a stupidly super huge title

"The Fishy Kid Three Months of Summer contest is ending on August 31st"

Uh, yeah... that's today. So you better get on that and gather up all your photos of the youngans kicking ass on the water and get them in before it's too late. (Tomorrow)

Aaron Otto has put together another mag, and this one is for the kids.

Check it out.

BloodKnot isssue #2. LMB, stripers, panfish, pike, sharks, carp, smallies... oh my.

Sunday, August 29, 2010

light the fuse and toss that bitch in!

Like a Elk in rut, the bass fly fisherman eyes go bloodshot as he pisses all over himself at the thought of the LMB quarter-stick-of-dynamite-in-the-school-toilet explosion. It's enough to give even the part-time fisherman a semi, and it is all the more sweet victory when the water level is too low to launch your bass tracker, you suckers.

I like foam.

This frog has a very dirty name. In Latin I believe it roughly translates to the 'puniceus sperma inflatio'.

Gatta throw some deer hair bugs, too.

Trimming the deer hair with a razor and not accidentally cutting the wings off is ideal.

The last tie Mr. Leed and I were out, I ninja'd a big bastard dragon fly out of the air with my 10wt (actually it was Leeds rod, but you probably don't care) for a closer inspection. The bass seem to have a hard-on for these things on occasion, so I figured I should tie a couple. I have yet to find the perfect wing material, so I guess Swiss straw will have to do for now.

For the abdomen I took to thin strips of 2mm foam and glued them together with a piece of 40lb mono between them, leaving enough sticking out to tie on the hook. Then I made the segments by wrapping with white thread. I colored it with a sharpie, and then coated it in 5-min nail glue. It was a little work, but you can bet that bitch ain't coming off or breaking apart if Mr. Bass decides to partake.

-Alex covered in urine with bloodshot eyes who has a test-and-tune scheduled for Monday.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Death by Gluttony

Lake Baccarac, Mexico
1) Big bastard bass eats tilapia.
2) Big bastard bass chokes on tilapia and floats to surface.
3) Tilapia splashes around alerting Mike and friends.
4) Mike and friends release tilapia and eat bass.

The end.

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Sweet deals for you!

FGFF paired up with the good guys at Dry Creek Outfitters to bring you, our valued reader, some sweet deals. So give them a call and save some dough and don't forget to mention the Fat Guys!




'Vaca Frogs with Mr. Leed.... It's almost on:

Leed's 10wt of Doom
Sexy Bitch
That's a fish


Monday, August 16, 2010

a little taste of home

"Structure" for the tank... These particular fish recognized it immediately.


Sunday, August 15, 2010

hopper inspiration and minds to a simpler time... a wandering thought

When your small it's crayons. 97 million colors at your disposal and even one that was 'flesh' colored until the brass at Crayola realized that there were people running around out there in the world that weren't peach colored.

Just close your eyes and remember the experience of pushing those wax sticks over semi-gloss brown paper and never quite being able to get the shading perfect until it was too late, now your light-blue duck is just going to have to be a purple duck. Remember the crayon smell? I know you can.

Later in life after the safetys were removed from the scissors and the chairs grew metal legs we graduated to colored pencils. More color and shading control, the addition of wood and a sharp point capable of a higher degree of precision and drawing blood were a right of passage. The lines for coloring within were often lost, however, leaving the implement wielder to define their own boundaries, and often for the worst: For years the final product suffered as the creativity never seemed quite capable of overcoming the improper proportions of wildlife appendages...

...and nothing has changed, really. These days it's not strangely colored cats and dogs hung with magnets on the refrigerator door but bugs tied on lines sitting on water with a more distinct purpose. I am not saying that "muffy's" portrait was a waste of time, sweetie, the fact that it looks more like a Dali painting than an anatomy drawing does little to affect its potency in extracting smiles from mommy and daddy, however the fish seem to be a little more critical.

Anyways, the point I was somehow getting to is that I like foam. I like playing with foam. I like jumping in foam. I like tying flies with foam. There is something about the colors and texture that take me back to a more simpler time, when the only think I was worried about was what friends house I was going to ride my bike to, or what I was going to spend my $5 weekly allowance.

So when Mr. Dunn over at Third Coast Fly brought the Hopper Fishing Blog to my attention, I just became inspired. And being inspired in a wonderful feeling these days, even though I don't do a lot of hopper fishing on the rivers that don't exist around here.

This is what adult kindergarten looks like

-Alex who is a big kid now.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

sweet video

You may have seen this, but that's okay...  it may stimulater your wollybugger.

Dry Fly Heaven from Jah Raven Creation on Vimeo.

Bullshit But Funny

Kyle- I know Aaron is going to try to do this to me someday

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Old School

$1 at bookmans.

Wednesday, August 04, 2010

It could be carp flies, or pain

Only the Reverend Mother Gaius Helen Mohiam knows for sure...

In Soviet Russia Blob Launches You!

Ha ha... Funny