Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Getting around to it.

I know... I am tired of hearing about and I got your emails. It has been over a week and I am still suffering from PASD, (Post Altitude Stress Disorder), which is common for me upon returning from the mountains however it seems that this is a worse case than usual. 

I take showers.
I drive in traffic.
I don't smell like fish and dirt and bacon and there are no wine/beer/whisky stains on my pants.

Fucked up, I know.

So bare with me as I slowly get my shit back together.

-Alex the guy with the shit which is apart.

Sunday, May 12, 2013


Main Entry:  leave
Part of Speech:  verb
Definition:  depart, abandon physically
Synonyms:  abscond, beat it, break away, clear out, come away, cut out, decamp, defect, desert, disappear, ditch, elope, embark, emigrate, escape, exit, flee, flit, fly, forsake, fuck off, give the slip, go, go away, go forth, head out, issue, migrate, move, move out, part, pull out, push off, quit, relinquish, remove oneself, retire, ride off, run along, sally, say goodbye, scram, set out, slip out, split, start, step down, take a hike, take leave, take off, vacate, vamoose, vanish, walk out, withdraw

Lets go already.