Wednesday, April 20, 2011

employing your vision

It is always the same when I close my eyes:

The popper bounces along.


The sun is bright in the southern sky and I can feel my skin burning an outline around my sunglasses. The line feels thick and heavy, tacky between my fingers.


There should be fish here. There should be fish everywhere and maybe I have caught a few but maybe I have just arrived. I can't be sure.


I don't hear wind, breathing, water, birds. All is silent. There is no soundtrack, no special effects, no foley.


Sometimes I manifest a take, a splash, a tight line that sends little diamond sparkles when it stretches taught away from the surface.

Other times I don't and the popper just floats, over and over through the same ripples and the same dancing sunlight through the same three of four seconds of river. Three or four seconds is not a lot of river when you think about it. It would be asking quite a bit for a willing fish to reside in those seconds. But all it takes is one. One second of flowing water to make a difference. Sometimes you wait days, months, years for that one second.

Sometimes it never comes. But on the good days it does.


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Crappy Times.....

Working, trying to make money, but still times are hard.
As much as I really hate to do this, I must put this fella up for sale.......
As much as I wanted to get out on the salt, to try to catch some tarpon or shark (maybe it's a bit of jealousy) like Alex has, alas I have not been able to break this guy in. Its all new and will stay that way unless I win the Lottery.

Loop Opti Salt 12wt rod
TFO prism 11/12 reel
Scientific Angler Tropi-core 475 grain line

If you or anyone you know has any interest I will take a reasonable offer.

Monday, April 11, 2011


"There is no better moment than this moment, when we are anticipating the actual moment itself. All the moments that lead up the the actual moment are truly the best moments. Those are the moments that are filled with good times. Those are the moments in which you are able to think that it is going to be perfect when the moment actually happens. But the moment is reality, and reality always kinda sucks." -Lewis black

-Alex who knows that hope is a good thing, maybe the best of things, or so he has been told.

Friday, April 08, 2011

My friend Snots

My friend Snots he's a hell of a guy.
Let me tell you why,
He's the epitome of predatory.

My friend Snots he's a hell of a guy.
Let me tell you all why,
He drips with slimy satisfactory.

My friend Snots is a heck of a joe.
You should watch him go!
Hangin' in the weed line,
With a sharp curve of teeth shine.

My friend Snots has little concerns,
About the flies that he spurns.
Until the line pulls tightly,
With an angry steel finality.

-Alex who loves him some pike and Primus.