Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Daddy would you like some sausage? Daddy would you like some sausages?

I bought a new toy, I have some Elk, I have a smoker, And I made some sausage.
Old recipe I made a few years back for my own spicy pork sausage. I was wondering how well it would work for game meats. I quickly found out Elk is very dry when cooked with the spices I add for sausage, so how do you fix the problem? Lard, lots and lots of delicious lard! 

 The new toy for the Kitchen Aid
 The mix

The casings (pig intestines) 

 The process
 The rope

 Link it up
The smoker is ready
 Smoked and ready to eat
The French Toast, what the wife wants after seeing how sausage is made

Kyle- Can't wait to get  some more game.

Sunday, September 23, 2012

man skillz

Zach "Daddy" Fralc got skill.

-Alex who understands when the skunk is on, men can resort to desperate measures.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

hard work

Sometimes you get up early and work hard.
Sometimes you put pants on and boots on and sweat and get serious and move with conviction.
Sometimes you do important things; things that matter to others and need to be done.

And sometimes you float around the lake smoking fat cigars and getting nipple-tan while sticking hungry LMB on frogs.

-Alex who likes those times the best.

PS the pimp-my-net net has now had its cherry popped and smells of sweet stank.

Friday, September 14, 2012

If you haven't seen this yet.....

I remember a while ago, like 4 years ago, when I was thinner, when Alex was fat, and Aaron was just the same, I was living in Colorado. Alex and Aaron came to visit me for a few days of fishing the coffee colored waters of the South Platte river. It was a heavy rain 2 days before the arrival of Aaron and Alex, the clear low waters of the South Platte turned into a super creamed out coffee look, the flow tripled, the fish were not around too much. But with the help of beer, 16oz. steaks every night, double or triple burgers for lunch everyday, it was a feast and a fest for a fat guy who loves to fish. The days consisted of fishing, drinking, and fishing. The night consisted of drinking, bars and eating. It was fun. Very very fun.

These were some fun days.

Monday, September 10, 2012

Showin a Little Extra Love

I have fished many off shore charters out of California.
The season is coming for those Sheeps Head, Ling Cod, Rock Fish, and Halibut.
If you are running for some fun around the San Diego Area, go for a spin with these guys!
The time has come to get some, I will be heading out to see them again and wreck those rock and kelp beds.

Saturday, September 08, 2012

Awesome, only a little awesomer.

The first time I saw a Nomad composite landing net (at the Carp Slam last year) I knew I would own one. I was standing next to MG when I spied that olive-drab-carbon-badassness from across the tent and channeled my inner Wayne Campbell, mumbling "she will be mine. Oh, yes. She will be mine." It only took a year.

So this year over at Trouts, when MG was all "Can I put the Nomad back now, please" I was all like, " Not today, my good man. I'm feeling saucy...." You know.

So now that the awesomeness is all mine I had to make it just a little more awesomer by adding a loop so I can clip it to my pontoon boat or pack, making sure the kickass remains mine.

Carbon weave? Check.
Tactical-like Olive Rubberized Paint? Check.
Rubber bag for keeping the fishes happy and your shit untangled? Check.
Lightweight like a boss? Check.

And now: Paracord braded loop in matching olive and black? Double Check, bro.

Gonna play with some LMB next week. I think them fishes be totally like "damn son, this shit is nice in here. You da man!"


-Alex who is still writing this signature style because k8 said she likes it. You still out there?

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Beating the Inevitability

Mike's boots sloshed along the path with that unique, semi-erotic sound that results from the stretching and bending of wet fabric and rubber. He turned slightly and smiled in my direction. "Man," he said, "I was worried that we were going to get wet for a second there." A fat drop of water fell from the brim of his ball cap and joined its brethren below.

Clouds enveloped the foothills that bordered the creek and everything looked mystic, otherworldly, soft yet impenetrable; an inviting dreamscape of unknown intentions which cooed and soothed and beckoned these anglers toward moving water and a chance at beating the inevitability of what happens when atmospheric water vapor becomes heavy enough to fall under gravity.

In other words, Mike and I went fishing and it rained on us all fucking day.

Mike and I went fishing and didn't give a damn about no wetness.

Mike and I went fishing and punched stained water in the face.

Mike and I kicked ass.

-Alex who thanks Mike for the ride, good conversation, the quality time on cool water and the towel. I like a man who thinks ahead.

Wednesday, September 05, 2012