Thursday, August 27, 2009

Fat Guys, fishbeer and some yeast poop in CO

I knew it would happen sooner or later, and that it would be sweet. I have always praised the combination and understood that there is a love-love relationship between being outdoors and enjoying a few oat sodas, but I think few men have taken it to the level of Matt Dunn, the mastermind behind, who just happened to occupy the same space and time with a few fat guys last weekend, (including Michael Gracie, the self-proclaimed 3/4 fat guy).

The atmosphere was light, and the 20oz draughts were cold at Govnr's Park as the conversation fluttered around fishing, midgets (as it will often do in the presence of Kyle) and beer. Matt spoke about the class that he taught in Indiana The Art and Science of Beer: History, Technology, and Culture and the disappointment of frat boys who realize too late that "beer bong dynamics" is not covered in the course. He enlightened us uneducated beer-drinkers that in the past men, women and children alike drank beer daily, and I have learned by perusing one of his online power-point lectures that the first recorded recipe is for brewing beer. Awesome.

It does not take long to understand that Matt knows a lot about beer and has a great passion about the subject - and I don't mean like your buddy who brewed it once in his kitchen and feels smart in front of the ladies when talking about things like "mouthfeel," "palate," and "nose." Matt is a pro, and was more than happy to do a little R&D with some new friends in Denver.

After a few rounds, some tasty drinks and food the afternoon came to an end, and we had to depart. Matt will be running around Colorado for a few more weeks, and I believe he has plans to camp and do some hot-nighttime-mouse-on-river action with Gracie tomorrow. Keep an eye out on Gracie's site for that post, as I threw him some hot tips for night photography that I hope will pay off with some full-moon eye candy.

Matt, it was a pleasure, and you are welcome down here is AZ anytime. The fishing may not be as good as CO, but the drinking is first-rate.

-Alex who should stay behind the camera.


  1. Anonymous11:05 AM

    Full moon's next week. So I've got plenty of time to find all your fake FB profiles.

  2. That's a hell of a crew. Let me know if the FGFF make a field trip to Oregon.

  3. Looks like the Reserve, NM Chamber of Commerce - minus the camouflage of course.
    Drove near there this week, stopped at the store in Quemado, saw firsthand the famous jaguar skin hanging from the ceiling. Did not have the huevos to ask about it, proceeded onward to the Party Spot in Alpine, AZ.
    Just missed a skunk, brushed one dog on the wway back to Toosawn.

  4. Anonymous7:03 PM

    look who all just got off the short bus....

  5. YO! Nice dude! It was a good time meeting you guys. Wish we could do it more often. And I wish I had the money to hire you for a photo shoot. Fully clothed. No midgets.

  6. Matt, you get some hot chestally-gifted Indiana women to hold my tripod, and I will do the shoot for free.


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