Monday, August 24, 2009

In order to fall off the wagon, you have to get on it first.

I bitched, whined and complained. I kicked my feet and threw my fists and screamed till I could not scream any more but it happened anyway. The Carp Slam was over, my plane was departing, and I had to leave Colorado. I brought with me 994 images, a back ache, and a greater understanding of life. If you did not have the pleasure, I will give you a hint:




  1. Anonymous6:23 AM

    Was Kyle out cold before or after he took that first shot?

  2. Is the bloke in the middle doubling as a pole?

  3. MG- I have photographic evidence of Kyle in a vertical position after that image was taken, so I would have to testify he passed out later.

    Simon- Tom is pretty skinny.


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