Sunday, August 02, 2009

The white crayon was always useless.....

Those peeps over at The Fiberglass Manifesto and red dirt studio bring us a great new site dedicated to bringing the love and lessons of the outdoors and fly fishing to the younger generation.
"Fishy Kid was inspired by two fathers who enjoy the sport of fly fishing and want to do our part in passing along the virtues of the outdoors to our children as well as to families within the online angling community."
The first contest involves a coloring book which you can download here. It is a well known fact that grown men with crayons are not to be trusted, so this one is for the kiddies, folks. But don't fret all you old creepy guys, they tell me there will be an adult coloring contest in the future.

So bust out the crayolas and lick your colored pencils because it's on!

-Alex who thinks coloring within the lines is for conformists.

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