Sunday, May 10, 2009

Girls, Fly Fishing, Swim Suit Models

At the point right now I am in the question of "Is my boss gay?" Well Truth Be told no, he has seven little items of proof that he had made it with a woman. Yes I mean his kids.

Today at around 11:45 am I got a call on my office phone, and on the other end was a guy from the "Gotta Go Fly Fishing" calendar. As the demons in my pants quickly sprang to life I rushed out the door to the gate for the entrance of the club. The Fella wanted to use our club for photo shoots of the GIRLS IN WADERS AND FLY RODS! May I tell you that these girls look amazing. My boss without a second thought turned him down. The demons now lay to rest again, and the anger towards my job increased. I am not going to post any photos of the girls due to copyright laws but I will send out their link so you can all see why I am pissed right now:

So in the end result, No my boss is not gay, he just sucks for taking his job seriously over his chef! Just Kidding Ed.

I now will never be any part of the "Girls Gone Fly Fishing"

If I didn't have a girl friend I would have shot my boss for fucking up my chance to meet the fly fishing girl Emily, aka Miss August, (you all need to click the link to see what I am talking about)

And some girls on other websites should be in this Calendar, check out Rouge Angels you will agree, plus they really do know how to fish.

I am pissed.


  1. Anonymous12:22 PM

    bastage! what a low down dirty dog.

  2. farking bastage!

    You should drown that guy in the Platte - not up where the water is fresh and clean, but down where you caught those carp and mutant catfish.

    Have you been putting saltpeter in the food, Kyle?

  3. Hey Kyle,

    Thanks so very much for giving us props, you are a gentleman for doing so. I really don't see Girls in Waders going away anytime soon. I used to get upset about it (if y'all were girls you would too), but I quickly realized there is nothing I can do to change how people react to those calendars. The only thing that girls like the Rogue Angels can do is to take that wasted anger and turn it into something positive, like showing people how good we are at our craft. For example, Rogue Angel Whitney just won first place at spey-o-rama!

    Do ya feel me? P.S. I love this blog. You guys have soul.

  4. I'd line them up and ask them how they feel about a gay guy having 7 kids with a straight gal?

  5. JPL, Yes i am mad at him for the moment!

    Rod, Well we do have a sweet Job so i can't blame him too much even tho he would not lose his job, if I let the girls in I would be fired.

    Kelley, Us guys have to deal with what we can get, and yes we are still guys. Yet it does make me sick when people put these girl in the calendar when they don't really know how to fish. one thing I will say at all times, there is nothing sexier than a woman in waders!

  6. Anonymous12:09 PM

    Me thinks my Woolly Worm just moved, while gazing upon those river nymphs.


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