Friday, May 22, 2009

It's a matter of space.

I don't really care that the kitchen sink is bolted down, I have a socket wrench. "Will it fit" is the question.

When wandering vehicularly in the outdoors, I have been known to bring a lot of stuff. Some would say too much, but I don't care because I will most likely be way more comfortable then those light-packed pansies.

Here is where it gets tricky: While I may have a nice big roomy longbed truck, Aaron (who drives about half of our trips) has a jeep. I barely fit in that god damn jeep let alone my horde of stuff.

Now, I am a good packer, and all those years in study hall playing tetris couldn't have hurt. If there is a way, I can find it. But as I sit here looking at my pile of crap for our Black River trip, I'm starting to have doubts.

Cooler, sleeping bags, tarp, cot, cot pad, rod tubes, tent, vest, gea rbag, clothes bag, camp chair, lantern, waders, boots, fuel. This pile is my trip standard. The number of nights really only regulates the size of the cooler.

Missing from this photo is my camping bin (which I already know wont fit), it holds an extra pair of boots, a towel, propane stove, shovel, machete, plates, forks, knives, hotdog cooker, matches, etc. Thank christ I don't need to bring my float tube.

As I type this, Aaron is on his way over and I can already hear him sighing when he sees what I have in store for his cargo space.

What about you? Do you fill a Uhaul for the weekend, or will you turn your nose up to me as you walk by with your tevas and frame pack?


  1. Nothing wrong with somebody who needs his creature comforts.Instead of a fold out camping chair though why not invest in one of these,they're the bollocks.
    Light,take up less space and they are Damn Comfortable.

  2. Anonymous8:26 AM

    The sad fact of the matter is your unwillingness to portray the truth.

    I count in upwards of six containers, all very likely filled with bottled beer. Now, you could ace all those, carry a keg instead, and you'd have plenty of extra room and could enjoy top-down travel.

    Fly fishing adventures are a thinking...I mean drinking man's game.

  3. Dude, cot AND cot pad? And do you have two sleeping bags? Check out the new Thermarest NeoAir, get yourself a big rectangular down sleeping bag, and you'll have cut out a lot of the bulk and weight.

    Also, I agree with MG- perhaps a sixtel of something in the 6-7%abv range so you can get a buzz without too much difficulty but still have more than a know, for the thirst.

  4. If I pulled up to a buddy's house and saw that, I'd kick his ass. WTF? Are you a twist, or are you HARDCORE? Remember? Pissing your in blizzards....taking down a Kodiak with a pen knife, naked? You lose your Man Badge for that shit.

  5. Pike- how do those things hold fat guys?

    MG- Ya got me. And a camping keg is a great idea!

    Matt-That Neoair looks great, I am assuming you use one? The 2 super shitty bags are in place of 1 warm weather bag I no longer own.

    I think the high-gravity brew is a good idea, but a bottle of whiskey takes up even less room. And luckily we had one, cause we drank all the 'low-gravity' beer.

    Colorado Angler- ah, naked grizzly knife fighting....good times.

  6. Whiskey. Of course. Good call. And no, I don't have a NeoAir, they just came out this year, but I plan on getting one just as soon as I can rationalize spending $120 on it.

  7. Matt- I hear you on that one.

  8. My Oldman is about your size and he was the one that showed me them.Okay when you get up to do something its still stuck to your lard ass, but then also leaves you with 2 hands free to maybe carry a burrito and a can of beer to the next place you want to sit down at.

    Seriously though they are all you need,strong,stable and above all real space savers.


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