Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Healing Waters musters at Rose Canyon

I stood on the bank, rod under my arm and a handful of mono beginning to resemble a knot. He needed a dropper, and I was there to help. His fly box opened with a click, and he withdrew a neat looking parachute something-or-other and held it out near my face, "I tied this," the soldier said through a proud smile. It was a good looking fly, and I told him so.

Later that evening the sun had fallen down and the lines had dried and the men assembled near the vehicles at the top of Bitch Hill. Warmed from the mighty ascent we sipped drinks and talked about the day. "I have always liked fishing," one of the men from Ft. Huachuca was saying, "but there is just something about fly fishing. It's different. I don't care if I catch a fish all day, I just love doing it."

How perfect is that?


If you are unfamiliar: Project Healing Waters


  1. Nice work man! That's great!

  2. Good one - a great thing to do.

    Looks like the Catalinas got a dusting of snow, I may head up there early next week.

  3. There was actually no snow, that granite face across the way looks like it, but its just a trick of the light. Do you know if AZGFD will stock the winter browns this year?

  4. I believe Jason from the G&F said they will put fingerling browns in the lake once the gate is closed.

    There are some nice holdover browns in there now.

  5. Seen the fingerlings, havn't seen anything of a size worth mentioning for some time now. And I mean that even on the 'rose canyon scale.'


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