Thursday, November 12, 2009

Always lick the bait.

A few clips of the man who inspired me to pick up a bass over 10 years ago, Les Claypool, from Fly Fishing the World, for those of you who haven't had the pleasure:

The full episodes can be found in the extras of Les's DVD 5 Gallons of Diesel, which kicks super amounts of ass, by the way.



  1. Knew a man who hung drywall, he hung it mighty quick ...

    Primus sucks!

  2. Fish On!

    Les claypool inspired me to pick up the bass too, although I haven't touched one in years now.

    Primus was also my introduction to Tom Waits

    - I once caught a 3lb sturgeon on 20lb test (I'm working up)

  3. I touched mine today-took it out, played with it a little, and put it away. You know, its just not as much fun without others around to join in.

  4. Out of the many years of listening to Primus and Drinking fishing and being a musician, We need to fish with Les,

  5. What's next...fishin' with Flea?

    He'd be doing backflips on the pontoon boat while casting.


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