Thursday, November 26, 2009

Gobble gobble.... whatever.

I have never been crazy about turkey. As I reflect upon holidays past my most fond face-stuffing memories revolve around a centerpiece of spiral cut ham dripping with honey peppercorn deliciousness, or maybe a torso-sized prime rib sweating spice all over my potatoes, mashed or scalloped, never mattered much to me, but I do have a thing for scalloped potatoes. Don't even get me started on Duck confit... my god the deliciousness! But being thanksgiving American standardly, this year turkey we had.

So the deed is done-a carcass on the cutting block, a sink full of dishes and fridge waiting to be filled with right and left overs. The stripped bones fill a pot to simmer for broth and soup. A ziploc or ten filled for late-night snackery:  bare feet standing in a pair of boxers in the warm glow of of the refrigerator bulb a bottle of squeeze-mayo in one hand and a turkey leg in the other- But these days only a dream that comes true if you remember to take your goodie bag back to your lonely bachelor pad.

It could have been a ham sandwich, but not this year. Turkey soup is alright, I guess. Pot pies are tasty, but I can't seem to convince my father the importance of filling the bottom of the bowl with the crust as well as molding it over top. I can handle a mix of wheat and white flour, but c'mon people, don't get all crust-skimpy on a guy.

I would say that a dark meat burrito is my favorite, fresh salsa with extra diced jalapenos, cilantro, sauteed onions and bell peppers, melted cheddar and jack cheese and some stuffing or mashed potatoes for filler. A big 14 inch hand-made-with-lard tortilla, warmed and wrapped tight with one leak-resistant folded end. Damn good. Would it be better with prime? Yea, probably.

So, another turkey day done and gone. Beer drank, stuffing unstuffed and football watched. Thanksgiving is about family and leftovers, and I am thankful for both. I just think turkey is overrated.

-Alex who is already drooling over the turkey-crushing Christmas dinner spread.


  1. Anonymous8:49 PM

    that burrito sounds righteous. just don't forget the foil

  2. Very Good Post!!!

  3. Thanksgiving along with st.Patricks day are my favorite holiday. You don't have to buy anything for anybody, It's my day to celebrate being a fat American fuck. They are holidays where you are not only expected to eat and drink in excess but are sometimes coerced to do so, I don't need an excuse to party but sometimes it's nice to have an excuse to party. And by the way I think turkey is over rated too, why couldn't the Indians have fed the pilgrims t-bones?


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