Sunday, November 15, 2009

Frye Creek-Stocker history is made on Mt. Graham.

Also, FGFF friend Rod Mcleod gets himself one step closer to international fame.


  1. Rod, That is some major kick assery

  2. Thanks for the "plug," guys, and I realized how much work our ideas can generate for other folks. Kudos to local AZ G&F fisheries guy, Jason Kline, for all his efforts - he is the one who did it all. Being under the chopper while it delivered our precious cargo of trout was quite an experience, as was releasing them into the creek.

    A humbling feeling to walk away from a stream that had no fish and now there were 500 decent-sized Gila trout in a couple of miles of the stream, Frye Creek. Hope they make it, hope some of you can get up there after a few years and catch those little buggers.

    Doing something for the future feels good.

    As I said to Honorary Fat Guy, Don Mitchell (who stayed at the bottom of the mountain, the wuss) of the G&F, "Here's ANOTHER nice mess you've gotten us into!" With apologies to maybe the original Fat Guy, Oliver Hardy (of Laurel and Hardy).

    They say the camera adds 20 lbs to the performers...I say, bring it on!


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