Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Shillelagh fly fishing

Drinking in Manitou Springs and the dedication to Fly Fishing. So I was having a few drinks with some friends and decided to fish the creek, I am going to make this very short and very simple. I found a Prince Nymph and some mono in my car and knew I had my Shillelagh (Irish beat your head in stick) in there.

I met this fella, Chris Kohne, and we decided to try to catch a fish out of the creek. Well the plan worked. After seeing 4 or 5 fish 14 inch plus I pulled out that little fella, and you can see my rig I was using. So to put it simply and if you want to drink and catch small fish go out to Manitou Spring drink at the Royal Tavern, drink get bored and walk out the door to catch a fish. Obviously you dont need to bring all your gear with you, in fact bring almost nothing at all you will still catch them.



What sayeth you?