Thursday, October 15, 2009

I Prefer............

I prefer a glass of whiskey over a mug of coffee on a cold winters morning.

I prefer Old Crow and Jim Beam over Bushmills or Jamensons

I prefer my 7 1/2' #4 over my 9' #4 fly rods

I prefer the floor rather than a bed

I prefer tying San Juan worms over buying them, C'mon who the hell cant tie one of those?

I prefer graphite over bamboo

I prefer vacationing in Colorado rather than living here, Its much more of a treat to come here on occasion rather than being spoiled by living here

I prefer standard transmission over automatic

I prefer ponds and rivers over large lakes

I prefer shitty beer over high priced crap that tastes like shit other than beer

I prefer beer over water

I prefer women who like to fish rather than women who like to bitch alot

I prefer dead animal over that hippie shrubbery shit (no point of being a vegetarian)

I prefer, on a hung over morning, to pee outside or pee like a woman instead of standing and aiming

-Kyle who hates to stand and pee on a hung over morning


  1. We could have been soul mates if it wasn't for the whole crow/beam over bushmills thing.

  2. you pee sitting down? being able to stand up and pee is awesome. You can't take something that great for granted I won't let you. I'm gonna have to pull your man card for that one buddy.
    You can have it back when you are fully rehabilitated.

  3. Jim Beam, shitty beer, fishing women and dead animals are cool however

  4. we used to change the label on the bottles in my dad's liqour cabinet so they read "grumpy crow" instead of old crow! I didn't think anyone ever drank that stuff besides him!

  5. Anonymous3:02 AM

    You guys are a riot!


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