Thursday, July 02, 2009

Everybody is somewhere all the time.

With Soundgarden playing and Charlie Sheen wondering around in the jungle muted in the background, I sit here at the computer with many things on my mind, but nothing to say, really.

I was sitting at the bar earlier today, drinking a Pyrat and coke and really trying to not pay attention to anything in particular when the guy on the bar stool next to me leaned over:

"This is great, right?" Waving a drink-laden hand toward a intoxicated woman's expansive cleavage near the end of the bar. "I mean, where would you rather be than here?"

Now that's an interesting question. Where would I rather be? Uh.... lots of places. But I really have no idea. I haven't seen the world, which really makes me unqualified to answer that question. People say it's a small world, and that may be true in some philosophical sense, but it still takes a hell of a long time to fly from the southwestern United States to the east coast. And that seems like a pretty long way to me, and there is still like 37,000 miles to go to end up where you started.

Call it stereotypical, but I would rather be fishing. And if I wasn't fishing, I would be taking photos of people fishing. Preferable somewhere cooler than here, and with my friends.

So where would I be? Who knows. But it wouldn't be in Tucson, and it sure as hell wouldn't be in a bar pretending to be stuck in some kind of rut.

-Alex who knows that wherever you go, there you are.


  1. Anonymous8:04 AM

    How about fishing with the expansive cleavage still in view? now that's heaven

  2. No, expansive cleavage and the accompanying accessories are a nice diversion and one of the nicer ways to waste time but, fishing at a lake or stream in god's country surrounded by nature, now that's heaven...

  3. all I want to know is did she have a nice pair of Baps?

  4. yes. yes she did.

  5. 106 degrees yesterday. forecast of 100+ for the rest of the week. My body is in texas but my mind is in the rockies....


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