Monday, July 13, 2009

Satans new army VS. a Fat Guy

Everyone who fishes in Colorado knows about these little bastards, The deer fly.
When you fish for an hour and catch more bug bites than fish, well that is normal. But when your old can of Off with shit loads of Deet will not send these little fuckers running, then you have a problem.
Only so many time can you yell, "GOD" "WHAT THE FUCK" or even" DIE YOU LITTLE BASTARD" before you just have to pack up. Some how they have even found a way to bite me through my shirt, Now that is smart for a fly. Long pants, Off, long sleeve shirt, pants, hat, and gloves. That was what I was wearing, and they still defeated me.

I was looking around online for a patten and found this one, I tied one and it works.Yet my dumb ass lost it in a tree. So I will tie more and eat shit loads of garlic maybe that will keep the bastards away.

-Kyle, who is looking like a chickenpox kid right now


  1. Those flies are a major buzz-kill. I'm carrying a few bites myself from Saturday - they were out in force in the Canyon.

    BTW...whoever was cutting the grass over at the Wig-Wam was eating more rocks than grass, by the sounds of it. Is that normal over there?????

  2. Anonymous3:25 PM

    here's the solution:

    they work great

  3. Had one land on my face a few weeks back and I slapped it so hard my sunglasses shot off my head and slowly sank to the bottom of the sea bed.Bollocks!!!....not only that but I had a huge red hand print mark as remembrance for the rest of the evening.


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