Saturday, July 04, 2009

Sneaky Black Hawk urban lake reconnaissance.

"Where too?"
Said the UH60 pilot as he banked over South Tucson and glanced over his shoulder at me snugly strapped into the gunners seat.

I pushed the button dangling from my chest: "Castle Rock, I need to take a quick photo," I spoke into the mike as the rotor noise cut through the headset and the bird pitched northeast.

I am here for other photographic reasons, but when one has the opportunity to tell the pilot of the Black Hawk helicopter where to go, only a fool would not take advantage.

What I found: A sneaky ninja entrance from the wash.... good to know.

Bass and carp reside in this urban lagoon. See the trail on the right? Gated community, schmated community. It's ninja time!

My Taxi; yellow cab can suck it.

-Alex who thinks a helicopter is the only way to travel.


  1. Anonymous8:36 AM

    Sweet, sweet, SWEET pic of your taxi. :)

  2. Anonymous3:35 PM

    now that's fatguy cool!

  3. I asked if they would lower me down so I could wet a line, but my request was denied.

    Plus, you can scare a carp away with a sneeze so I don't think I had much of a chance casting out of a man-made tornado.

    pikepicker- I might hit you up on that offer, I tore the crotch out of my old ninja pants.

    flyfishergirl- thanks! That was part of the real reason I was there, to shoot the heli and its crew. If anyone subscribes to Tactical Weapons magazine, keep an eye out for the rest of the images.

  4. That photo of the helo is badass.

  5. you're officially badass.

    speaking of baddass, there's an old guy on the right wearing your wanna smell my net and the bling shirt, pretty funny.

  6. I'm just shocked the piece of tin managed to lift of the ground!


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