Sunday, October 02, 2011

Good Days

Where are the good days?

Young child,
Are they waiting in your future,
yet to be experienced
and remembered?

Old man,
Are their edges growing soft,
as they age to sepia tones
in the cellar of your mind?

Dear friend,
Yesterday is stone
Tomorrow is imagination
Today has potential.

-Alex who thinks we should go fishing.


  1. The shadow of my finger cast
    Divides the future from the past;
    Before it stands the unborn hour
    In darkness and beyond thy power;
    Behind its unreturning line
    The vanished hour no longer thine;
    One hour alone is in thy hand,
    The now on which the shadow stands.

    -Go fish

  2. Wow.

    Who throws around Van Dyke on FGFF?

    Nate Taylor. That's who.


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