Sunday, October 23, 2011

Always gone.

When I am here, I am usually gone.

I am leaving soon so I was especially gone today.

Reality in four dimensions, so it would seem.

I was watching tv and eating a triscuit while unloading my pontoon and assembling a rod.
I was scrubbing myself in the shower and scratching my man-ness in the thin afternoon mountain sun.
I was driving to a job while paddling to a weed point, simultaneously yelling into my phone and whispering across calm waters while washing a dish in the sink and slime from my fingers in the lake.

What has already taken place will soon just have happened.

I can only hope that it will be as good as it was.

-Alex who packed his truck tomorrow and will tie some flies yesterday because he is always gone today.

1 comment:

  1. I am gone as well,
    like a fart in a hurricane.
    Gone like a set of rims at a Kanye west concert. Gone like Gary Busey's mind.


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