Friday, September 02, 2011

No tying instructions necessary

I hate waking up early except for when I'm fishing, having drank two cups of coffee to shake off the previous night's rum and being in an early morning/fishing frame of mind. I decided to park my ass in front of the vise instead of going back to bead. The fly I hold in my hand and pretend to offer my eighty-five pound land manatee of a bulldog is a dog food pattern I made with some foam and a generic size 6 hook. I got the idea while carp fishing with Kyle, he'd throw out a handful of dry dog food and then cast into the same area, and soon the carp were rolling on the very un-natural dog food hatch, but neither of us had a fly that was close enough to match the "hatch" so here it is. As for those who would make the argument that chumming and fly fishing should never be mixed, you are already breaking tradition by fishing for carp, and I don't know about you, but when I break something, I like to break the shit out of it. It's a side effect of growing up listening to Gwar and Crowbar.

Aaron, who is sleep deprived and killing time.

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