Thursday, September 15, 2011

love and thievery


Nate Taylor bringing a little sticker love to his tying bench... as well as bringing some light to:



Gr├╝mpieGills, take some advise from your forum brother gofindyourowndamnfish and gofindyourowndamnlogo.

-Alex who understands that FGFF throws out some awesome and if you can't bring your own awesome then you will just have to be less awesome.


  1. What a p0ser!

    I wonder what the "Team Genocyde" is all about? I doubt he even knows what genocide is but probably thought it was uber cool to spell it with a y.

    FGFF is the original Coke and Gr├╝mpieGills is the generic dollar store soda. Which one do you want to drink?

  2. well what can I say, That is a clear rip off of the Logo you made for us.... Shall we contact him or just let this one go? I don't think I am very happy about this.

  3. Luciano Chavez I wanna drink beer!

  4. This is a clear case of plunder on the high seas. I'll continue to investigate and present my dossier to you next week.

  5. Haha. No, Kyle. Contacting him would be silly. Let us just make fun of his lameness and move on with our lives.

    Yes, Nate. Keep me up to date.

  6. Are you kidding me, I thought The Ugliest Cast "Fly fishing fat man style" was bad enough, That shit is just ridiculous. Although I don't mind dollar store soda, It all tastes the same with rum in it.

    Nate- does that mean you're gonna be on a pirate ship? If so I wanna come along. My pirate name is Fatbeard, what's yours.

  7. I wanna be Captain Fat with a Beard

  8. I already called captain, you can be first mate.

  9. Stealing bastard.


What sayeth you?