Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Something I think you should know...

Almost all of the carp I caught in Denver were on flies tied with Kieth's Free Range dubbing.

In Rust Brown and Yellow Mustard.


-Alex who is still trying to convince the lot that I didn't actually catch my caprs on crisco rolled in oatmeal or dog food.


  1. Still trying to shake the oatmeal and crisco thing eh?

    Screamin' Reels

  2. I have used that free range dubbing. Nice fibers, dubs in a loop like a dream come true. Pretty sure it would suck up crisco like a sponge. You are still under suspicion.

  3. Hey Tanner, why don't we help each other out.

    I will drop the Laotian investigation if you forget about my alleged shortening shortcomings.

  4. Throw in a quarter ounce of the rust colored free range and you have a deal.


What sayeth you?