Sunday, February 28, 2010

Fat guys miss people too

Grandma, we will miss you. After years of fighting with Alzheimers, we are sad to see you go. We know it is for the better. I love you Grandma, you have done so much for this family, and never to be forgotten.

Hazel Kelly Deneen
June 2 1920- February 27 2010

Kyle- who really needs to hit a lake or a river


  1. Friend sorry to hear about your loss being raised mostly by my grandparents I can really relate missin ga good friend and grandparent!

  2. My condolences. You need to hit the water, the most important thing in death is to remember things that are good.

  3. Anonymous7:11 PM

    pouring one for my homies....

  4. Kyle, sorry to hear about your grandma. The weather's starting to turn up here in WI, so we'll be getting the canoe out again. There's a few really beautiful spots up here to put a little quiet in your mind. As we said while we were visiting, you have a place to stay with us whenever you feel like coming up.


  5. Kyle, I'm sorry to hear about your grandma. I hope that you find peace in your loss as you remember the good times and funny things that only g-ma's do. best of luck when you get out fishing again,

  6. man I feel for you! My next outing I will cast a prayer for you! Fish On FGFF!--<'))}>{{

  7. thank you all, it has been hard but to see people who shoe respect makes it easier, so once again, thank you


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