Sunday, February 07, 2010

It's one of the important things for special ocassions

Do you remember the game "what doesn't belong here?" Well, there are those that may have a little problem with a philosophy of mine when it comes to drinking and fishing. These are the same people who look up from their iced tea at last call and cast a criticizing eye while shake their head when I tell the bartender that yes, I will have another. What are you doing in a bar, anyhow? Don't judge me.

But don't get me wrong, drinking all the time while fishing is just stupid and a waste of alcohol. It must be spared for those special times of great relevance. To help, I made you a quick list of a few examples of proper times to take a nip:
It's a beautiful day!
The weather suck.
Your floating line floats.
Your sinking line sinks.
You catch a big fish!
Someone else catches a big fish.
You lose a big fish.
Someone else loses a big fish!
You catch a lot of fish!
You get skunked.
You don't lose one fly all day!
You lose all your flies and are pouty about it.
Your float tube doesn't sink!
Your float tube sinks.
You don't get a fly stuck in your eyeball.
You do get a fly stick in your eyeball.
There is no one at your favorite spot!
There are 127,453 people at your favorite spot.
Using examples like these and exorcising a little restraint will ensure you have a good time without over doing it. And always remember to drink responsibly.

-Alex who just wants to make the world a better and safer place.

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  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    hahahahahahahahahaha well that just about covers it huh?

    I feel the same way, drinking within reason while fishing can be a damn good time, assuming it is done safely. Some people just take it too far, but it's not necessary to throw them out of the boat because they usually fall out on their own anyway.HA!

    Tight lines fella


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