Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Orvis Expo

Saturday March 20th from 9:30 AM to 6PM
Dry Creek Outfitters, Tucson AZ

The Scoop:
Don't miss this year's Orvis Expo at Dry Creek Outfitters on Saturday March 20th from 9:30 AM to 6PM. This is the best program we have ever put together!! You will receive fly-casting instruction using the Orvis Helios and Hydros fly-rods. These are easily the lightest fly-rods on the market. There will be numerous fly-fishing destination presentations (Alaska, British Columbia, the White Mountains of AZ and Colorado to name a few) and even some fly tying presentations. One of Hutch’s fly-casting demos will be called “Fixing your buddy’s fly-casting problems” ( We all know we have no fly-casting issues but our friend has serious issues!…)
Here are our guests for the Expo:
Hutch Hutchinson - Hutch is currently the SW Regional Business Manager for the Orvis Company and is recognized as one of the industry's premier fly-casters. He spent close to 10 years in the Bristol Bay region of Alaska as the lead guide for the Bristol Bay Lodge and has extensive experience fly-fishing for numerous species all over the globe. What makes Hutch very special, as many of us here in Tucson can attest to, is his ability to teach others the art of fly-casting.
Dave Brown - Dave is the owner of Dave Brown Outfitters, formerly known as Elk River Angler. Dave and his guides specialize in the pursuit of the beautiful west-slope cutthroat in addition to rainbows and the rare Bull trout.
Mike Leed - Mike is a native Tucsonan who has fly-fished in Canada, Chile, Argentina, Costa Rica, Belize, the BVI and many locations in Mexico and the U.S. He particularly loves the saltwater flats game and pursuing Largemouth Bass in AZ.
John & Cullen Murphy - Our OPTU newsletter editor always finds time to make several epic trips each year. You may find him throwing line at the San Juan or the Provo or...he may be on a "business trip" to New Zealand or the Kenai River in Alaska. Cullen has guided at Great Alaska Adventure Lodge in Sterling, AK for 6 seasons and has also built an impressive saltwater fly-fishing resume.

...and our featured guest
Emerson Craig - If you fish the White Mountain lakes of Arizona with any regularity, you have probably seen Emerson (no doubt, with a bent rod). Emerson, also known as "Chief", has spent countless hours perfecting his techniques of fooling trout with a fly rod. Just as Roger Federer is the ranked #1 in the world, Emerson Craig is the #1 seed for fly-fishing in the White Mountains.
Call Eric or Whitey at Dry Creek Outfitters (520-326-7847) for further details.
Should be a good time, even if I do have to break my no-getting-up-before-10AM-unless-it's-fishing rule.


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