Wednesday, June 05, 2013

casting for fun

Conditions on the way to the lake: On Fire.

Conditions on the lake itself: Decidedly not on fire.  

This is what mid summer bass skunkage looks like while the chomper drops a load of milfoil.

The most action all day came when the angler seen above lost an expensive bait rig overboard and went in head first after it. He said it felt like something pulled it out his hands... I would like to believe him, and I think I will just for sanity's sake.

2013 Bass - 1, Alex - 0


-Alex gonna-take-my-shirt-off-just-long-enough-to-get-some-color-then-burn-my-winter-white-ass-self-to-shit Landeen


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  2. Oh, Amanda. You slut.


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