Sunday, June 23, 2013

a slight bitch and a preview of things to come v-8.2

I must have done something wrong like thanking the incorrect deity post trophy-fish netting or running over some old gypsy woman or something because this feel like some brand of voodoo.

First it was the the week-long PM steelhead trip where the first day I began an apocalyptic sinus head-fuck cold/flu/snot-fest that kept me in bed and out of the drift boat for the first few days.

Now it was strep throat for the San Diego shark trip; fever, body aches, headache, prescription antibiotics, the whole shebang.

And if that isn't silly enough, two years ago when I had a day scheduled with Conway Bowman (the guide we had for this trip) who at the last minute had to pass the trip to Dave Trimble because he was sick with, get this, strep throat.

Seriously. I havn't had strep since I was like 8, and now it shows up on the day before a trip with a guy who had to bail because of it two years ago?

Two out of state trips this year, two sicknesses that could not have been planned better for maximum shittyness. Yeah. Voodoo.

But you know what? Fuck it. In Michigan I stuck steelhead and yesterday Makos felt the cold steel so eat a dick, illness. You have to do better than that to keep my fly out of the water, you bastard.

There is GoPro footage to edit, and I am going to bed so hard right now but I will leave you with this little tasty screenshot.


Spoiler alert: That fly is in trouble.

-Alex who will probably be enjoying soft foods for a few more days.


  1. Good on ya for kicking strep throat in the balls.

    BTW, sick screen shot. With a GoPro no less.

  2. Anonymous1:31 AM

    too bad you got sick man. Get well soon. :) Btw, your screenshots looks scary.. I can't imagine myself encounter this. steelhead fishing columbia river


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