Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I found your pet, Now where is my reward?

Aaron and I had to hit up a a little known spot for fish not caught too often by the fly angler.

And this time it was legal.

This close to St. Paddy's day we hoped, with no luck, they would crap some gold bars... we are still broke.

-Kyle, who loves pond fishing


  1. Ha Ha, Awesome fish!!!! Looks like the local community college in the background.
    -k8, who doesn't believe it was legal.

  2. Oh K8 I assure you it was legal, well legal enough for me, but I break the law quite a bit.... And our community colleges here in Arizona don't have ponds, they are worried if they spend money on education and making a campus appealing to the students, then they can not pay their teachers enough to have expensive drug habits

  3. The whole pet thing came from one of our local Websites, When one of the idiot members accused a bunch of us for "trust passing" to catch the golden "craps"
    when we are fishing a public lake community that is stocked by game and fish that is totally legal. These fish are not pets, They were spawned in the lakes and are a great challenge on the fly. I love being run out to the backing to avoid breaking my 4x.

  4. why did this get all fucked up? liked it when it side to side, with some aggravated texts in a non appealing structure. Google, stop fucking with my structure


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