Sunday, December 11, 2011

that other thing.

A long time ago, before it was fly fishing, it was something else. A different thing that sucked the green pulpy marrow from my pants pockets.

Now, in the quasi-wintery slow AZ fishing season, that other thing has been picking on my mind a bit.

Couple new o-rings, a updated hydrostatic test and it's game on, baby.

'99 Vortex Autococker. Old school. I think there are a few prepubescent, ego-laden young hot shots that need a fresh coat.

Back players unite. One case one kill. Get some.

-Alex who is reminiscing about the lovely smell of polyethylene glycol in the morning.


  1. I am jealous...I can think of a ton of people I would like to shoot in the ass with a ball of paint.

  2. John, I have been known to sell my services for that sort of thing...

  3. nice cocker dude, i used to run an orange psychoballistics cocker from fire mountain, nut now i prefer custom WE dragons and airsoft

  4. Thanks. I don't think I will ever be able to part with this marker. They only made 2 emerald green vortex bodies, so it's neat for those who care. I just think that it's funny that twelve years after I bought it I walked into the "new" local shop and the owner recognized it.

    Never got into airsoft... just use my airsoft glock to keep Kyle in line when he starts acting up.

    ...btw got some good eats on your flies a few months ago. I like 'em.


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