Monday, December 19, 2011

Busy Busy Busy.... A small overview.

Lack of posts, lack of fishing, planning a wedding, and work have been keeping me from posting as much as I would like.

I have still been able to make it to the "Meth Lab Trailer Pond" but the carp still have been testing my skills. By that I found out I lack in skills.
The Bass seem to be calming down, but still aggressive during the colder times of the week.
Yesterday when I was out I was unable to catch a bass, yet I hooked into 2 carp, and caught an asshole turtle. This proves that a Crazy Charlie will catch anything.

My giant Midas Cichlid, Butt Head, died

Also I was in San Diego last month, an amazing time with friends Christian, Tessa, and their baby Sophia, and with my now Fiance Jamie, for a tattoo convention, Well it was more of a vacation for me, I spent most of my time running around San Diego fishing, and drinking. I got ahold of an old Friend of mine, Alex Anzaldua, whom I used to beat up when I was younger because his older brother is a good friend of mine.

The man Alex Anzaldua himself

Alex and I hit up a boat from Seaforth Sportfishing, and I was SUPER impressed with this company! It may not be fly fishing but every now and then I still love to grab some traditional gear or my deep sea gear and remember what got me into fishing in the first place. I have been on many charters in S.D. in the past and they were fun, but the staff and knowledge of Seaforth is second to none. Many Sheeps Head, Sculpin, Rock fish, few Ling Cod, and many other types of fish were caught. From 27 people on the boat, over 225 fish were taken home on a half day trip.
I have never had this much fun before on a San Diego charter before, 5 stars in my opinion. I would recommend this company to anyone, 100%!

The pier fishing was a load of fun, fish the waves just as you would nymphing a river with an indicator you may catch small fish as well, Like my super tiny Halibut

Top to bottom:
  1. Turbot
  2. Calico Bass
  3. Lizard Fish
  4. Halibut

Work is getting busy again, I don't want to talk about work.

So just a little info for your reading pleasure, if you like to hear what I have to say that is!



  1. Its was great photograph of Fish on this blog Thanks! We will keep them coming...

  2. Seems that you had a great fun there. may you enjoy the same way ahead in life.


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