Tuesday, May 10, 2011

screams and rending of paper

The dull thump of the mailbox lid generally evokes feelings of less-than-excitement. Even though I have a strange OCD about checking the box every time I walk by I am a firm believer that no-news-is-good-news so today when I heard the mailman's indifference in the yard I can't say I jumped out of my chair.

In fact I forgot all about the mail and it was hours later before a rumble in my gut lead me out of the house and into the carport to quest for sustenance. That's when I found it.

And it was good.

"This entire collection is my sermon on colors and textures, imbued with everything I hold sacred." - K. Barton 

-Alex who is impressed with the size of Mr. Barton's package and that which was contained within.

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