Thursday, January 06, 2011

the usual

I walked into the Golden Nugget and Holly seemed happy to see me. She had begun to walk out from around behind the bar as I opened the door, headed for the Scratchers vending machine but when she saw me she twisted on her heel and flowed back behind the wood and spun me a napkin. She had won $500 a few weeks ago and she can't seem to stay away from it, she said.

It is cash only and I had $10 in my pocket, plenty at the Nugg, or so it used to be.

"Holly," I said, "I got ten bucks and I need something strong." She leaned over the bar and fetched the usual. I slapped the money down as she poured the Yukon Jack into the shot glass. It was a good pour. It's always a good pour at the Nugg. As she walked to the register she paused. "Umm," she began, "it looks like they changed the prices for 2011. Yukon is now $6.50."

Six fifty? It used to be three fifty, or four, I can't remember but ten dollars used to be enough to get started, at least, and a beer back is little consolation.

The first let down of the new year.

On a better, more in-tune note, the new BloodKnot is out. Represent.


  1. My favorite old Irish bar in the City that had six dollar pitchers and never kept good track of your tab, they turned it into a wine bar.

    This is why we fear change.

    Great piece in the Blogger's issue.

  2. Yeah dude, your piece in bloodknot is awesome. Endlessly quotable. Sometimes I think they should call it catching too.

  3. Thank you, Gentlemen.

    Don't worry Pete, the space rocks will take care of that wine bar.

  4. When I used to buy Yukon Jack from a place called Liquid Louie's in MT it was around $20/bottle. The only reason we got it was because the lady that ran the place knew we were underage and that was the only thing she would sell us. I remember some pretty awful hangovers from "the jack".

  5. I would have only sold you Zima.

  6. That reminds me of a joke I once heard.
    A man walks into the bar and says pour me ten shots of whiskey. The bar tender reluctantly lines them up and the man takes them one at a time with only a breath in between. After the tenth shot the bartender asks. What drives a man to drink like that? The man replied, if you had what I have you'd drink like that.
    The bartender says, what do you have to which the man replied.... fifty cents.


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