Thursday, January 27, 2011

Pepperidge Farm's Golden Bait Fish

Body - Goldfish, cheddar flavor.
Hook - Daiichi 2546 Salt Water Hook Size 2/0-4/0

Target Species:
Drunks in the kitchen

With a soft, subtle presentation to the counter top this fly can bring heavy action when the target species is near. The action on this fly is not crucial, in fact you want as little movement as possible or target species will spook. Let them come to you and be patient.

I recommend throwing this fly with 8wt-12wt, depending on the average size of the species of your area. A 15lb-20lb hard mono bite tippet is also a good idea.

Have fun and tight lines,

Update: I have gotten a few emails and calls regarding this fly and others for different targeted species. Due to the interest the research team at FGFF has been called back to the lab for further, round-the-clock analysis of a few other patterns and concepts. The reports and research will be posted as soon as it is available. Thank you. -A


  1. Omg that was awesome!!

  2. That is hilarious. Other target species may include toddlers.


  3. Alex that is perfect bro. I think Gracie would take it, though I doubt he'd get you into the backing.

  4. We fully expect a report on the success of this new pattern.

  5. My son tied one of those about a year ago. It was a follow up pattern to his Gummy Bear fly.

    Nice work!

  6. Now I know what happens when I blackout... Stumbling home late from the bar waking up with a serious hangover, wondering why there are hole in my cheek and blood all over my bed

    You are paying to get my mouth stitched up....


  7. Andrew- While toddlers will take this fly, the action, even on 2wt-3wt is lacking. They mostly just flop around. It is akin to throwing pellet flies for stockers, it works but there is really no sport. But for those interested, I would contact GFP's son in regards to purchasing some Gummy Bear flies.

    Nate- MG moves pretty good, I wouldn't discount the possibility of a few good runs, especially if he has gotten into the tequila.

  8. Good point. I'll put on some gel-spun in case he tries to give me a vicious head shakes has he meanders through the dining room chairs on his way out of the kitchen.

  9. All I have to say about that fly is that I am not drinking at FGFF headquarters ever again and you totally ruined goldfish for me. At least you didn't put the hook in bacon. MMMMMM, I like bacon
    A side note maybe you should make a prune fly to catch the elderly,who should be culled every now and again for the health of the heard. I know that's fucked up huh? Give me some slack, I grew up listening to Gwar.

  10. Alway thought about a Cheerio fly for carp. Hmmm...a little cupcale-style mold,bake the dough around a hook. Ovens won't hurt the hook, will they?
    Check out this link:
    Caught a mouse last year in my living room (from the couch)with a pot, whittled stick and length of monofilament - the pure joy of predatory behavior. Released him outside of couple of times, sliding an album cover under the pot, before he got the idea and permanently moved away. Peanutbutter crackers make better bait than lettuce.

  11. Dude I spit my beer onto my keyboard!

  12. Rod, like the baked-snack idea... just worried about how long it will last on the water. I think you need Clark's "Crunch Enhancer" from Christmas Vacation:

    "It's a non-nutritive cereal varnish. It's semi-permiable. It's not osmotic. What it does is it coats and seals the flake, prevents the milk from penetrating it."

    Yeah, that will work.

    Gribble- Glad to see it still works... but you are going to want to pop the keys off and wash them off before they start sticking in the down position... trust me on this one.

  13. You may wanna flatten the barb for a quick release. That is, unless you plan on keeping your catch for dinner or something. This reminds me of the catnip fly. Did you know that a hooked cat jumps and twists just like a tarpon?

    I am kidding about the whole cat thing in case there are any PETA loonies out there that read this blog. Sheesh!


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