Sunday, August 29, 2010

light the fuse and toss that bitch in!

Like a Elk in rut, the bass fly fisherman eyes go bloodshot as he pisses all over himself at the thought of the LMB quarter-stick-of-dynamite-in-the-school-toilet explosion. It's enough to give even the part-time fisherman a semi, and it is all the more sweet victory when the water level is too low to launch your bass tracker, you suckers.

I like foam.

This frog has a very dirty name. In Latin I believe it roughly translates to the 'puniceus sperma inflatio'.

Gatta throw some deer hair bugs, too.

Trimming the deer hair with a razor and not accidentally cutting the wings off is ideal.

The last tie Mr. Leed and I were out, I ninja'd a big bastard dragon fly out of the air with my 10wt (actually it was Leeds rod, but you probably don't care) for a closer inspection. The bass seem to have a hard-on for these things on occasion, so I figured I should tie a couple. I have yet to find the perfect wing material, so I guess Swiss straw will have to do for now.

For the abdomen I took to thin strips of 2mm foam and glued them together with a piece of 40lb mono between them, leaving enough sticking out to tie on the hook. Then I made the segments by wrapping with white thread. I colored it with a sharpie, and then coated it in 5-min nail glue. It was a little work, but you can bet that bitch ain't coming off or breaking apart if Mr. Bass decides to partake.

-Alex covered in urine with bloodshot eyes who has a test-and-tune scheduled for Monday.


  1. nice stuff there...I make bass bugs like it's going out of that shit

  2. Thanks Mr. Picker!

    Pat- The construction of bass bugs is a relatively new pastime for me, but I am finding it most enjoyable. Being able to stack material on material then super glue the whole bastard together is totally my style.

    I think the next step in the evolution is testing followed by the hunter & gatherer approach to finding better materials.

  3. I'm sorry, is that called a "purple sperm fart"? If so what the hell is a sperm fart?!

  4. Anonymous6:10 PM

    I would venture a guess that it has something to do with butt sex.....?

  5. Anonymous11:42 AM

    Nice flies! Very big, but still nice.

    All the best.


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