Sunday, August 22, 2010

Death by Gluttony

Lake Baccarac, Mexico
1) Big bastard bass eats tilapia.
2) Big bastard bass chokes on tilapia and floats to surface.
3) Tilapia splashes around alerting Mike and friends.
4) Mike and friends release tilapia and eat bass.

The end.


  1. She weighed in at 14.5lbs. The Ceviche was surprisingly excellent. Sadly Carlos who is holding the fish was murdered last spring along with 3 other guides and their manager Felipe. Hence my last trip to Baccarac was in 2008. It still is likely the best lake for total numbers of florida strain fish over 10lbs but as you can seee they don't go down the gullet as easy as the gummy stocker rainbows we have out west.

  2. I did that one time on a giant chunk of meatloaf at the cork. I'm still alive though.


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