Tuesday, December 15, 2009

It happens sometimes

It might be sad to see, but you have to understand that it occasionally cannot be helped. An indulgence of epic proportions:  shitty awesome beer drunk, food that doesn't fit in a pyramid, the flatulence flows in the heater fan and a never ending stream of B rating netflix sustain a life more ordinary than anyone would want to admit....

But then the ghost of Bruce Lee showed up and we kicked ass, and Matt Damon came over, but not like the regular Matt Damon, the Bourne Identity Matt Damon and it was awesome and we went all tactical on some bad guys. Then we all drank a handle of Black Velvet and watched Step Brothers in the man cave while boxing with hulk hands.

We might go fishing tomorrow.

-Alex and Aaron


  1. Anonymous8:20 AM

    beer farts

  2. I'm inspired to new levels or depths. Or whatever we'd call this.

  3. It is definitely necessary to occasionally sink to new lows in life- it makes the highs seem so much more spectacular... Like getting up before noon, for example.


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