Friday, December 18, 2009

Bordem can drive you to make a "Worst List"

I am VERY bored, I just got off the phone with Alex awaiting my arrival in Tucson on Wednesday, and due to my phone being dead I decided to post. These are the lists of shit that comes to the top of my head all the sudden, if you disagree with anything well I don't care because this is my opinion.

Worst Movies I have seen:

5. The Matrix
4. Jason X
3. The Village
2. Dude Where's my Car
1. Batman and Robin

Bands I have heard:

5. Europe
4. Yanni
3. Metallica
2. Journey
1. ICP


[Addition by Alex: 6. Nicholas Cage]
5. Ashton Kutcher
4. Keanu Reeves
3. Steven Seagal
2. Pauly Shore
1. Andy Dick


5. Separate Ways- Journey
4. Country Music, all songs
3. The Final Countdown- Europe
2. St. Anger- Metallica
1. Everything else from Metallica

Places to live:

5. Congo
4. Afghanistan
3. The ocean
2. Antarctica (unless GWAR is there)
1. France

Kyle- Who will make a "Good List" soon enough


  1. Hmmm I don't necessarily disagree with much except...

    I think N. Korea might be in contention with Afghanistan on my list. And living in Antarctica with GWAR sounds... well, it sounds better than passing live sea urchins at the very least.

    I can't wait for the "Good" list.

  2. Kyle, you have obviously never heard "The Perfect Country and Western Song" by David Allen Coe.

  3. YOU HATE THE FINAL COUNTDOWN TOO?!!! All these years you have been singing it on our trips to torture me even though you didn't even like it your self? This has brought you too a new level of fucker I never thought you would reach. When you get back to Arizona I'm playing the shit out of some Metallica and I'm going to fart in your general direction.... Fucker!
    You know that terrible song gets stuck in my head!

  4. I like David Allen Coe

  5. The Matrix, really? I mean, I could understand #2 and 3, but the original was good!

    And France...I dunno, those surrender monkeys have some decent fishing spots...


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