Saturday, September 12, 2009

Time to get your glasses

I see many people are thinking of my giant bow, they are thinking its 23" possibly 4 or 5 lbs.... This is not the case. The photo I posted earlier and the on on Moldy Chum, I could see how people think it looks bigger than it really is due to the angle I am holding it. Honestly the fish looks smaller than it really was. I posted this photo of it this time so you can see the size, and please keep in mind I am a large guy... quite large. My shoulders are 24" across, and this fish makes me look like a midget, oh how do I love midgets. Many think the fish is dead as well, once again I assure you it is not. it is alive and well I do make a visit to him every now and then. he has the Whirling disease so he really does not leave his hole. As you can see his bent back. Again I know this photo is out of focus but this fish really is huge, and not a little 4 pounder.... and I say that with no hesitation!

-Kyle, who thanks all of you for checking this out, but realize I am fat and this fish is too

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  1. How sad is it that yo-yos need to make this about photo fakery.
    Hey! People really did land on the moon, too! Give it up.
    Nice fish. Hell of a fish.


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