Thursday, September 24, 2009

Colorado early snow , Bordem as a Chef

I am very bored, so I will share with you all some things happening in Colorado right now.

For those of you who do not live in Colorado, and many of you live in the heat, We have been seeing some unsightly early snow. I am not too sure what to think about 4 days in the high 70's and suddenly we hit snow. The mornings here in Deckers have been between 32 and 37, I do love the cold but not this early. I am sure the leaves will change from green to dead, instead of the spangled orange yellow and red on the Aspens.
Please be careful driving, the weather on the moutains is starting to kill off a bit of vegitation so the Deer and elk have been lowering into the canyons and roads. Trust me its no fun to hit an elk as I did last November and almost lost my car. The bastard even walked away from the hit as I sat there with a busted ass front end.

Yet good news, I have been throwing BWO's along the South Platte sizes 24-28 with a Zebra Midge dropper, the midge has been doing well and a few hits on my BWO. Don't be a pansy and get your ass out on the river, the fishing is getting nice with the cold.

OK This morning I woke at 4a.m., that is normal for me, and decided on my fruit plates this morning I wanted to make flies. I have not been tying much so I thought I would make a golden stone out of strawberries cantaloupe, pineapple, and blue berries. If you could not tell I am quite bored. Stupidity or creativity you tell me.

-Kyle, Damn the cold sometimes


  1. Stupidity? Not at all. You're a fly-flinger and infected with the sickness - this is just one of the many side-effects.

  2. Come back, Kyle, come back before it is too late.
    It may be already too late, but the weather is finally getting nice down here.

  3. good thing there are no sheep in the immediate area for you to take your boredom out on.

  4. Anonymous2:57 AM

    I just keep the flask handy, sometimes the cold is the best time to rip some lips. My 2 cents...


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