Thursday, April 30, 2009

A quick word about being hardcore.

You want to go fishing but it's windy, so what? Your buddies want to head down to the river but it's snowing, so what? Your standing in water somewhere, there is freezing rain dripping down the crack of your ass and you haven't been able to feel your toes for what seems like months.... so what?

My father (left) once told me that if you havn't peed in your waders, you havn't been fishing long enough. He fishes with a pint of Johnnie Walker, a pocket of cigars and a wine opener with a glass in his cooler, just in case. He is hardcore like that.

You only have so long on this plane of existence, so get out and do some shit. Nobody cares to hear the story about how once you were going to go fishing, and it was going to be sweet, and you would have caught some sweet fish but it was too whatever outside so you pussed out. Nobody cares about that crap.

Get out, catch fish or don't, be miserable if need be, but make a story for fuck sake. Do things, kick ass, be awesome in any way that you can. Success doesn't matter, it is the attempt that counts.

A man is judged by what he does, not what he would have done if conditions were perfect.



  1. Sentiments exactly........Snap out off it I say!

  2. everybody up for a fishing trip to mexico? a bottle of purell, a paper mask, and plenty of tequila oughta do the trick!

  3. YEAH! Fuck you career! I've got fishing to do!

    Your dad seems like a badass.

  4. Anonymous9:35 AM

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  5. Anonymous9:37 AM

    Dang, made a typo. I truly believe when fishing, go hard or go home.

  6. Hell yea, lets all quit our jobs go to Mexico, or better yet lets to go Somalia and be pirates! We could plunder all sorts booty.

    Get yer asses to the furner, boys! Matt, Run up the jack! Ken, bring on the wench! Flyfisher girls, run out the guns! Lets show these landlubblers how its done!Do you think they have an Orvis over there?

  7. Anonymous1:24 PM

    "You're not hardcore unless you live hardcore."

    --Dewey Finn

  8. you just threw out there a hell of a "one liner list" my favorite is "Do things, kick ass, be awesome"

  9. Great post! Seems like the fishing gets proportionally better as the weather gets worse in my opinion... I live for those nasty days when everyone else stays home. The crowds are gone and the fishing is GREAT...

  10. I totally agree, David.

  11. Anonymous8:42 PM

    I like his style, obvious you were raised right.

  12. Pissed my shorts once fishing from a kayak. Too hard to stand up w/ out tipping, too far from shore to paddle back. But pissing the waders is several notches more serious.


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