Monday, December 15, 2008

Colorado's South Platte update!

So thanks to Aaron's fly "Big foots dick" I got this nice 3.5lb rainbow, we grow em big up here!

Then when the snow started to fall i noticed it was too cold to fish (usually we wont say that). When your guides start to ice up, you cant feel your toes, and when you cast straight but you line still hold kinks, you know its time to pack it up. So I figured "What the hell, one last drift!" Then, BOOM! My indicator slams under the water and I set the hook. I have to be very carefull the Nymph i am using is a size 24 and the hit this fish took was massive. After playing with the fish I soon hoped it would break off, because by this point I felt my balls sucking back into my body and felt as if I was turning into a woman. I said screw it and muscled the fish in, (lucky I didn't bent the hook too much). i netted it in a hurry and got my camera out quick.
The next morning:
My tractor doest have any protection! This sucks!!!! Plowing snow at 8:30am in -4 weather. I felt the ice collect on my beard and the snot freezing in my nose. Its only a small price to pay when you live in a mountain paradise with a river right on property!

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  1. Kyle, man..... you know I am having a hard time not driving up there right now and strangling you. Nice fish! Now digg your balls out and get your ass down here!


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