Monday, December 29, 2008

Bragging rights.

Do I have Bragging rights, I am not sure. Due to where I live and the waters I get to fish I guess I am just lucky for this opportunity. I have spent most of my time in Arizona where fishing is good not great but if you know how to fish and really put time into it you can do really well, Aaron and Alex can prove that. I live on the South Platte River in Deckers Colorado. where it is amazing fishing. A while ago some old guy in a bar who shall go nameless for being a dumb ass told me, "South Platte river sucks for fishing you should go to Eleven Mile or Sprinny." Ok I am not a worm and bobber kind of guy, I want a fly rod, waders, flies, and the sweetest river water you can imagin. When Aaron and Alex were fishing up here with me we had a shitty time for the river. Dirty high flow and fucking confused fish. So the fishing wasnt too good. But its now winter the flow is perfect and deckers is not swamped with people "trying" to catch fish. The real anglers are our in the freezing cold and making the best of it. You know its a great time to fish when you and your boss go out in a small battle of "Lets see who can catch the smallest fish." I won! with a rainbow 10 inches. BUT thats not all we caught, our average fish was around 2 pounds. I nailed 2 beasts today, one 6lbs and anothr 5 lbs. Think I am full of shit???? Check out my pictures!


  1. Anonymous11:53 AM

    That is a hog!! i mean the fish.

  2. Anonymous11:56 AM

    I finally found a warm day to fish! All the Hogs are out!

  3. ummm at this point here in North Carolina I'd settle for at trip to that river that runs by Spinny. 11 mile wouldn't be soooo bad either considering I'm chained to my desk. You guys have looking at airfare to CO...

  4. Anonymous3:37 PM

    yes Murdock i fish Spinny and eleven mile canyon quite a bit. But i still prefer the cheeseman canyon over both

  5. I want to have that fish as my pet.


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