Friday, November 21, 2008

Wisconsin Musky Hunt '08

Who knows musky? Not us. There is musky in Wisconsin, right? I guess. There is also a whole bunch of cold in Wisconsin. Just because my mother's family is from Turtle Lake does not mean that I understand how to survive in sub freezing, windy environments. But I have to say we did pretty darn good. Myself and Josh were fortunate enough to be able to stay at his fathers house on the bank of Lake Chetac. Beautiful lake, but not a musky lake, so it was off to the north 30 min up Country road "F" to Sand Lake where the action, or lack there of, commenced.

Did I say it was cold? Yea call me what you want, but having to break the ice out of the eyes of my pole between casts was a new experience for me. It wasn't pee-stream-freezing cold, but it was close enough for me. Cold enough and windy enough for me to abandon the 10 weight fly pole I borrowed from Eric at Dry Creek Outfitters. (plug)

After the first day there was some trouble getting the trolling motor battery to take a charge, luckily it was windy enough to get in some good drifting. The 4th day on Sand Lake Josh hooked the one you see above. It was not a very good hook and we spent so long being surprised and taking photos it shook off by the time we realized that we should probably try to get it in the boat. I still consider it a success even though I am left with a watching-striptease-on-cable-television kind of feeling. Just a little unsatisfying, you know?

But good beer, good friends and some time on the lake is all I can ask for. And you know what they say about a bad day of fishing.....

On the last day, on the last cast with my newly purchased 'bionic bucktail' I found this little gem hidden in the weeds. It's been a while since I have seen a Northern and it felt good to finally catch something.

We saw the sun for one day, and boy was it a sight for sore eyes. Kinda like a fat guy seeing a taco stand after days of wandering across the desert. I like tacos.


A rare sighting of Wisconsin Lake Testicles. If you forget to wear your long john's, your balls will look like this too.

Try and try as you might Josh, but you cannot hide from the icy grip of that cold lake wind.

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